Wedding Jewelry - So Many Choices

So you are planning a traditional, yet modern wedding. The bride already looks stunning in her newly acquired dress, but there are still some final touches to be made. No wedding would be complete without an array of beautiful, charming jewelry on display for the reception to be dazzled by. When the time comes for the bride to walk down the aisle, one's eyes should flutter between the gracious beauty of the bride herself, and the amazing accessories chosen to emphasise the occasion and its glamorous significance. Knowing this, what it is that the professionals recommend for the upcoming bride to be wearing? We took a look at some expert opinion and advice, and will share it with you now.

Bridal jewellery comes in so many variations, iterations, and combinations, that it is often a challenge to get an entire look right, even at the best of times. Additionally, to add to the head and heart ache that can ensue, the colliding advice from industry "experts" can easily inundate you with a false sense of security about what it is you should be wearing "vs" what it is that you want to wear. After considering advice from numerous number of sources, I have pieced together my own analysis for you. This should be seen as just a few quick hints, nothing too major, and I am certainly not professing to be an absolute expert in bridal jewellery and co-ordination of accessories.

Probably the most important starting point is to consult someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. Someone who has plenty of experience in the industry, and who has had their advice actioned many times in the past. This does not include the attendants at bridal jewellery stores! Logically, all these attendants are employed to do is simply "sell sell sell". Of course they are going to tell you that you look incredible in that necklace, or those diamond studded earrings. And yes, they sound very convincing, because they force themselves into truly believing it. So, having ruled out this type of occurrence, perhaps a better approach is to choose a person who fits the criteria above, whilst at the same time being independent of any particular brand, style, or general predisposition towards bridal jewellery suppliers and products. Then, and only then, can you be sure that the advice you are getting is reliable, and personalized towards exactly what it is that suits you, and your existing style.

To give a piece of advice myself, I would recommend not overdoing it. A conservative outlook on the entire situation will reap generous rewards once the time to walk down the aisle comes. From a viewers perspective, there is nothing worse than thinking in ones mind: "oh dear, too much jewellery", or something along those lines. Unless your regular style is to go "all out", don't fall in to the trap of thinking that you must have everything from the white, pearl embedded gloves, through to the diamond studded earrings, tiara, necklace, and bracelet. The truth is, this is your day, and its completely up to you whether you want to dress like the queen, or just settle for that charming princess look. Just don't forget, both options are perfect, as long as they fit your style, and make you happy.